From:Tony Greenfield
Subject:RE: Standby Generator Date:Tue May 1 15:22:32 2018
Response to:1412
Sure thing George... when can I come by to pick her up?

I'm upgrading to a whole house generator and retiring my 5 year old
Generac 7.5 KW generator. It's set up for natural or propane fuel. It also
has a transfer switch for 8 circuits. It's 240 volts with the output converted
to 110 at the transfer switch. Reason why the upgrade? The 7.5 generator
setup failed when the electro-mechanical switch that flips it from house to
generator, and vice versa, failed and locked out the house current back in
March during the big storm (while we were in Florida). The transfer switch
is reparable but we decided it's time to change. And it is free for the taking.
Anyone interested?