From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Danny's Speedometer Woes Date:Fri Apr 13 20:33:31 2018
Response to:1406
Uh oh, you didn't do your homework. Now you're all going to have to stay after class and clap the erasers.

Looking back at our past few lessons, the issues are pretty easy to spot.

Issue #1 - Title wrongly says 1958 to 1962 - this is really a 1958 to 1961. Remember - the subsequent 1:1 style STARTED in 1962.

Issue #2 - There's no reset shaft for the trip odometer. Seems to be just missing in action.

Issue #3 - The needle (and yes, it is the pointy police needle) is half-white, half-red. The original red paint would slowly fade to white, but someone gave this needle a two-tone paint job.

Issue #4 - The upper level markings (painted on the glass) have the 2 mph gradations. The police speedo only has them on the lower level. And there is no "65" marked. Someone replaced the police glass with a civilian glass.

This actually isn't a bad speedometer, although a little pricey for one that needs to be rebuilt. The lower-level (center) face is in good shape - Perry says these are often rusted badly. He also says that the police glass is being reproduced. It has the police needle. The handlock can be seen in the eBay photos. So after purchase and rebuilding, you'll have $1000 or so in a 1958-1961 Police speedometer. You could also easily have the tenth's background changed and make it a 1956-1957 instead.

Clap, clap, clap...