Subject:Sunday Ride Date:Mon Nov 16 17:57:04 2009

Thanks to Richard, Rollo, Tom, Dave and “Fast George” for a great ride yesterday. We left Middleburg and headed West on 50, turned left on Bulla Road over to thru Linden and across the Shenandoah River’s "Low Water Bridge". Once we crossed the bridge we headed thru the Rockland area and over to a wonderful Mexican Restaurant in Berryville for burritos and beer. After lunch we split off in a few groups to head home. As with the weekend before we rode about 125 miles. If anyone wants to ride next Sunday put out a message, if the weather is good I'm sure you will get a crowd. I'm supposed to be closing on my new house next week and will be spending the remainder of November and all of December moving in and setting up my new place, but I will still go for a ride if someone wants too.

Ride Safe,