From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Danny's Speedometer Woes Date:Tue Apr 10 10:21:08 2018
Response to:1395
Here's an excerpt from a Stewart-Warner document giving the civilian and police calibration specs. The speedo design is that when the speedo cable is turning 2000, the speedometer should read 60 mph. But the speedos are calibrated a little off, and what direction of off depends on whether you're a cop or a civilian.

I scratched my head after reading the document, then I did a little math to come up with the following:

When your speedometer reads 60 mph, you're really going between 55 to 58 mph.

But more importantly:
When the cop's speedometer reads 60 mph, he's really going between 61 to 64 mph.

So when you get that speeding ticket, you deserve it!