From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: Danny's Speedometer Woes Date:Mon Apr 9 21:00:19 2018
Response to:1391
Thanks Matt,

There are multiple issues with this picture. How much can you trust someone who can't even spell Sportster correctly ???

The speedos marked "62-up 120 Police" and "62-up 150 Police" appear to be modern day reproductions - they don't say Harley-Davidson on them. They do say Stewart-Warner, but S-W is defunct, so they are not gonna face any trademark infringement problems...

Late 50's Hummer is wrong. It shows an AC speedo. The 1957-1959 Hummer used a S-W speedo. The 1959 Model 165, and 1960 to 1965 Super 10 Pacer, and Scat used an AC.

"Scooter" should be labelled "Topper". Interesting, the Hummer page shows 2 slightly different variants of the face, and this is yet a third variant. (Look at "60" in all three)

Sporster[sic] are all screwed up. See this page for a better view:

Not an expert on the Big Twins, but they look generally correct. I think Danny needs a 1956-1961 2:1 ratio speedo for his bike. So my real question is: Were the police speedos in 56-61 just like a standard, but with the electric handlock inside?

According to the picture it was 1962.