From:Tom (Rollo) Hardy
Subject:RE: Danny's Speedometer Woes Date:Mon Apr 9 12:51:22 2018
Response to:1389

I would recommend calling John Bordas and asking him. He just redid the police speedo on my 64. While not the only speedo guy out there he is the one I trust and is a nice guy to boot. You can find his number in the club magazine. I know Bob just had a good experience with him after his speedo gave him trouble while we were in Florida. An old buddy had a 60 with a police speedo and i believe that was original to the bike but John would know for sure. John can fix it and it will look like new or he can leave the patina and miles as whatever you want. He has done both for me on 41,47 and 64 speedos.


Danny just replaced his aftermarket speedometer with a Harley Police Special. But since he joined the force, the speedo reads 80 when he's going 40.

Looks like he has a 1961-earler transmission (2:1 ratio) and a 1962-later speedometer (1:1) ratio.

My question is: when did the black-faced Police Special speedos come out? Did they even make these prior to 1962?