From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:1959 Panhead For Sale Date:Mon Jan 22 17:47:18 2018
Hope this message finds you well. We met last year at the Pan Am restaurant. I finally retired from the G, and now an impending move finds me having to part with my 1959 FL panhead that I would love to keep, but logistics will most likely prevent me from holding on to.

It was rebuilt about 5 years ago (Precision Cycle, Beltsville md). Maybe 500 miles clocked on the engine since the rebuild. I rode it up until the beginning of this year when the logistics of this move took precedence.

It is not stock (1965 tanks, S&S oil pump, exhaust, new pistons, transmission gears) but much of the bike like the frame, cases, front end are stock and overall in nice condition.

Along with the sale are 4-speed primary / clutch tools (most unused Jims, VTwin, some HD), manuals, cover, and parts. I just ordered a new battery and battery fluid which I probably won't get to anytime soon. Although the bike ran fine, it did burn some oil and don't know if the rings or seats have yet to set from the rebuild. And luckily I always used non-ethanol fuel in this bike and ensured fresh fuel was added when stored.

Would like to offer this sale to a AMCA member before posting on-line. At least I know the bike will be taken care of. Let me know if interested. Looking to sell bike for a reasonable price, tools manuals, 2 boxes original parts (from this bike), cover included

Herndon, VA