From:Tom (Rollo) Hardy
Subject:RE: 2018 dues Date:Mon Jan 22 09:21:23 2018
Response to:1366

Thanks to all who paid their dues yesterday! Also thanks to Justin for welding up my tool box and Bill for providing the shop and equipment.

We had a good showing especially of some of our newest members and actually have a new prospect as well.

Tony got his Indian sorted out with a lot of Chiefs helping and other than Dave's boo boo I think it was a successful day on projects. I think even Dave's issue can be worked out with some success in the right hands.

Good start to what I hope is a fun and ride filled and successful year coming up!

To all,

If you are attending the sock wash at Bill Lackman's this Sunday and have not paid your 2018 chapter dues this would be a good time to do so. Dues a $15 per year. Cash or checks accepted but if you have cash try to make sure you have $15 cash and not $20 or something else as I won't be carrying change and don't want to send a bunch of money back to folks. If you are writing a check (preferred) please make it out to
Highlands of Virginia Inc.. This is the actual name on the account and our legally incorporated name. Don't make them our to me!

Thanks and hope to see a lot of you at Bill's on Sunday!