From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: Mug Wash Date:Fri Jan 19 02:15:22 2018
Response to:1369
Blame it on Canada - a country whose major export seems to be cold air. All that Canadian cold air blowing down here to Virginia has put a major kink in Broad Run Brewing's production capabilities.

Meanwhile, customers have been flocking to BRB's taproom in record numbers (one), and demand has outstripped supply. We anticipate exhaustion of our current offering ("Quoin Toss", a 7.1% ABV Black IPA) prior to the maturation of our next brew, "Midnight At The Oasis" (a 5.3% Dry Irish Stout) which we'll start serving circa February 12.

"Midnight" uses the same grain/hops/yeast formula as our previous "Send Your Camel To Bed", except that "Midnight" uses natural Broad Run groundwater, where "Camel" used mineral additions to approximate the natural groundwater of Dublin, Ireland.

Water traveling through subterranean aquifers picks up mineral deposits indigenous to the local area.

For "Camel", we approximated Dublin water by adding the following to the Broad Run water used in the mash: 3.8 grams of Calcium Carbonate (CACO3 aka Chalk), 2.6 grams of Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate (NAHCO3 aka Baking Soda), 2.0 grams of Magnesium Sulfate (MgSO4 aka Epsom Salt), and 1.8 grams of Calcium Sulfate (CaSO4 aka Gypsum aka "drywall").

Astute observers may distinguish the difference between "Camel" and "Midnight". The casual drinker may not. Stop by our taproom after the February 18th breakfast meeting and sample our newest offering.

Meanwhile, for the Mug Wash, you gotta BYOB.


Are you bringin your latest keg to Billís?
Iíd be more than happy to help you work on it!
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