Subject:The Resemblance is Uncanny - Hodge and Palmer Restore Book Date:Thu Nov 12 19:06:06 2009
I sure hope I can make the freeze your butt run and the Christmas party. All depends on what Margo is planning, but i'll do my best to be present at both functions. I take more photos because I'm such a poor photographer. So we will always end up with more images with hopefully one or two will turning out alright.
I just sent Dave three disc with videos from the 08Nov09 run. Captured most you starting your engines, and heading out the parking lot. We're just having to wait on Cliff to get suited up, but we all know Cliff. The next few are of the carb repair episode. One short video has Hodge actually telling me to stop taking pictures. Go figure.

For a long time now, I have always thought about having a person ride shotgun when i'm the chase vehicle. This way, when we come to a section in the road where two lanes are on both sides, I could run ahead and have the shotgun rider take photos of everyone as as they pass by on their bikes. Would make for a much more exciting photo to actually see the rider on his bike riding.

A few weeks ago, during a previous rainy weekend, when I functioned as courier for money and tools between Bluemont and Gainesville, Hodge showed me the attached image. For the life of me, I just could not imagine the guy on the Pan was the same Hodge we all love and know. Perhaps the US Navy photo Hodge sent Bob could confirm or deny Hodge's claim.
Bob - I asked Hodge months ago if it would be alright to share this old time image. Hodge said Yes!