From:Tom (Rollo) Hardy
Subject:RE: 2018 Events Date:Thu Jan 11 18:09:16 2018
Response to:1359
I spoke to Bill today and I will be bringing the tool box off my 61 pan for some welding and Bill needs a hand putting the front end back on his 37 Chief. Any more stuff needing work out there? Hope to see a lot of guys and gals there to start off our 2018 season.


Tom Hardy, Bob Nicholas, Mike Mueller, George Ogden and Dave Hennessey attended the 2018 Events Planning Meeting.

We succeeded! The 2018 Events are planned.

Check out the What-We-Do page and the Calendar. If your browser shows old stuff, hold down Shift, and click the Refresh button.

Some notes:

Sock Wash - January 21 - We need some projects to work on. What do YOU have that needs some extra hands or expertise?

Blast From The Past - June 21 - This event has moved to All-American HD in Hughesville, MD. The date is not yet confirmed.

Panhead Reunion / Wild Ones Rally - The H-D website says only July 14. Apparently, this has changed from a weekend event to a one-day event.

The Badger Heritage Chapter has plans for a ride from Milwaukee to Wauseon. Check their website for details.