Subject:Novem,ber minutes Date:Thu Nov 12 15:29:28 2009

Below please find this weekend’s ride and meeting minutes. Pay special attention to this year’s Christmas get together at Clyde’s in Ashburn. Monica has reserved a spot for 25 of us at 1900 Hrs (that’s 7:00 PM for you non swabs) on Saturday December 12th. You can find them on line by Goggling “Clyde’s Willow Creek” and you will be able to get directions. It’s important that if you are planning to attend you send me a confirmation as to how many are attending and if you are planning on bringing your wife and or your girlfriend. More news to come on our upcoming annual “Freeze Your Butt Run”.

Ride Safe


Highlands Chapter AMCA
Meeting Minutes

Date: November 8, 2009
Time: 10:30 AM Ride – Noon Meeting
Place: Middleburg to the Griffin Tavern and Beyond

Attendees: Hodge, Richard, Rollo, Tom, Cliff, Chopa Rob, Jeff, King, Fast George, Flat Head Ed (Chase Vehicle Champion) and Bob

The Ride

We met at the Safeway in Middleburg around 10 AM. Everybody was riding old iron except yours truly. George reminded me that this was an antique bike club. I was suitable ashamed of myself. We had a visitor (Jeff) who brought his relatively newly acquired ’47. Nice Ride. Jeff has expressed an interest in joining the club.

The stragglers (you know who your are) showed up 10:30 and we headed out for a great ride through the local countryside. The day as warming nicely by the time we arrived at the Griffin Tavern in Flint Hill for lunch.

Tom Holter was sporting a flat front tire by the time we got to the Tavern. Flat Head Ed to the rescue with his portable air compressor. Hodge had a Linkert float fill up with Shell High Test, he now is sporting a “Rubber Ducky” float thanks to Richard and a new needle and seat thanks to “Fast George”

The Meeting

The meeting started after the prerequisite beer or two. Richard suggested changing things up a bit next year for big club ride. Everybody was getting a little tired of the Natural Bridge Run. Richard suggested going to one of the semi-local ski resorts. We’d be going in September, so we’d be able to get off-season rates on the rooms. He suggested the resort in Snow Shoe, WV. They are catering to motorcycle groups in an effort to expand their business during the non-winter months.

A quick search on the Internet for “Snow Shoe Motorcycle” yielded a couple of sites. Quoting from one:

“The beautiful mountains of Pocahontas County West Virginia have earned the reputation from motorcycle enthusiasts as offering the finest motorcycle touring in the country. In fact, Route 39, which crosses through Pocahontas County, has been rated by Rider Magazine as "One of the Top 25 routes in the US"!

Using Snowshoe Mountain as a base, motorcyclists can choose from multiple routes, which will take you over scenic mountains, along beautiful rivers and through quaint towns and communities rich with the history of Appalachia.

Snowshoe also hosts a motorcycle event, Freedom Fest. Freedom Fest, brings motorcyclists of all kinds together for a week of guided tours, concerts and a $10,000 Poker Run in the mountains of Pocahontas County. (Editor’s Note: Freedom Fest 2009 was in July).

No matter when you visit, whether it's to explore on your own or to rally with fellow riders, you'll get a rush from climbing our mountain roads and leaning through each and every turn.”

Richard’s suggestion met with a great deal of enthusiasm. Hodge suggested looking a couple of alternative sites. He volunteered Richard, Tom and Rollo for this task.

While we were discussing changes, Hodge suggested a change in venue for the Christmas dinner. For the last several years we’ve been going to Cliff’s favorite Thai restaurant (Thai Luang Restaurant) in Herndon, VA. They’ve always treated us very well and the food has been great. But, “Change is Good” (at least that’s what we continue to hear from the folks downtown). Hodge’s suggestion to change things up for the Christmas dinner also met with the club’s support.

Someone offered the idea of Clyde’s Restaurant. I’ve been to the one in Ashburn a number of times and it’s great. As I recall, they have several private dining rooms. Hodge asked Tom Holter to look into the possibility of dining at Clyde’s this year. If that doesn’t work out, I’m sure we can find somewhere else to hold our celebration. Tom got back to Hodge with reservations for 25 on December 12th at 1900 (that’s 7:00 PM for you non swabs). The reservations are at the Clyde’s at Willow Creek near Ashburn Virginia. We need a head count ASAP, even though we plan on having 25 Attend Hodge asks that each of you get back to him via email on if you are planning on coming and if you are bringing your wife and/or your girlfriend.

I had to leave the meeting around 1 PM so I know I missed some interesting discussions. Lunch was over and the fellows were working on their last beers when I booked.

I understand that Hodge had carb issues that delayed his departure from the Griffin Tavern. It sounds like King, Flat Head and Jeff hung around to lend a hand with the repairs. Do we think “Flat” took enough pictures??

I spoke to both Hodge and Tom Holter today, so I guess they finally made it home OK. Sorry for your troubles brothers. Glad to hear you got them worked out.

We’ll need to figure out when the Freeze Your Butt Off Ride is going to be. Usually it’s the Saturday or Sunday after Thanksgiving. Be sure to watch for Hodge’s upcoming e-mail.

It was great seeing our Highlands brothers this weekend. Hope to see you for the Freeze Your Butt Off Ride. (Yes George, I’ll try to bring some appropriately old iron).

Best Regards,

Bob Nicholas, Secretary – Highlands Chapter AMCA