From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:2018 Events Date:Sun Dec 31 17:02:20 2017
Tom Hardy, Bob Nicholas, Mike Mueller, George Ogden and Dave Hennessey attended the 2018 Events Planning Meeting.

We succeeded! The 2018 Events are planned.

Check out the What-We-Do page and the Calendar. If your browser shows old stuff, hold down Shift, and click the Refresh button.

Some notes:

Sock Wash - January 21 - We need some projects to work on. What do YOU have that needs some extra hands or expertise?

Blast From The Past - June 21 - This event has moved to All-American HD in Hughesville, MD. The date is not yet confirmed.

Panhead Reunion / Wild Ones Rally - The H-D website says only July 14. Apparently, this has changed from a weekend event to a one-day event.

The Badger Heritage Chapter has plans for a ride from Milwaukee to Wauseon. Check their website for details.