From:Tammy Fredrickson
Subject:RE: Inquiry??? Date:Sun Dec 10 15:15:31 2017
Response to:1347
Hi Don
I was the lucky recipient of the nut
cover last night. I have it locked up in
a safe place. Lol

I am more than happy to return it to
you, ransom free. Please let me know the
best way to return your missing part.

Tammy :)

Had a Great Time Last Night!!
Guess I shudda paid a little closer
attention to the part Billy was
attempting to find the owner for.
I returned home and checked out my 68'
to find that it was in fact off my bike.
Yep, front axle nut cover GONE!
So whoever ended up with it i'll be more
than happy to trade you the Lowe's Gift
Certificate for my axle nut cover.
Otherwise i've got one less part to lose
Please just let me know
Thanks and Happy Holidays to All
Don Hollis