From:Tom (Rollo) Hardy
Subject:69 FLH for sale Date:Mon Nov 27 16:19:52 2017

Richard Beasley called me yesterday and said he is looking to sell his 69 FLH. He took it as partial payment for a Corvette he sold the John Esposito. Some of you know John as the guy who organizes the Bikes and Breakfast deal in Clifton and has about 40 bikes himself.John had it for about 10 years and if you know John he doesn't buy or sell junk. The bike was restored by a shop in Ohio for display in dealerships. It is mechanically perfect except you may need to put a rear tire on as it is getting a little thin. Other that that there are no issues and has a new battery and all fluids changed. It is cosmetically perfect too. It is a repaint but the original Jet Fire Orange with matte black diamond panels and birch white pin stripes is the factory correct scheme. It is tagged and insured and ready for action. Richard wants $12K and is firm on that price. This is a really nice bike and the last two owners know what it should be like and is a fair deal for a super nice slab side shovel. Richard's # is 703-477-6255.
I would like to have it but no room unless I sell something but would like to see it go to a good home.