From:Tammy Fredrickson
Subject:RE: RE: FYBO Ride Date:Sun Nov 26 15:21:13 2017
Response to:1333
Thank you everyone!! Sorry we had to miss the
ride. Glad to hear everyone made it safely!
Thank you to Billy for the hospitality and the
amazing tour! See you at the Green Turtle!!

It was a good time and I was at the head of the
pack so I missed the scrambles towards the
back. That road was more that a tad rough and
damn near soiled my pants when we hit it!
Want to also welcome our new chapter members
Eric, Adam and Tammy and closing up the rear
with Justin! Welcome!

See everyone in two weeks at the Green Turtle
for the Xmas dinner and please RSVP so we know
how many are coming. If you already have,
thanks, if not get on it!


Even though it was not too cold for the ride
today Dave's beer was ! YUMMY ! Billy Potter
was a great host as always and everyone had a
great time in spite of a near motorcycle pile
up on a rough patch in the road .