From:Bill Potter
Subject:FYBO Ride Date:Thu Nov 23 09:42:40 2017
Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow antique motorcycle enthusiasts on the other side of the river. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you here in the Big Top on Saturday.
My late father Buzzy didn't exactly bequeath me his m/c collection but it all worked out in my favor. There are ten in all, eight that you haven't seen before. But the big news this year is outside. I am in the midst of a major junkyard clean-up and am waging a full blown war against the invasive bamboo. So far the bulldozer looks like it's winning the war. Next up will be the crumbling and decaying old sawmill that collapsed about fifteen years ago. The landscape out back already looks dramatically different.
Ride safe, stay warm and I'll see you day after tomorrow,