From:Michael Bosworth
Subject:FYBO and WW1 Date:Wed Nov 22 12:42:01 2017
Happy Thanksgiving to all, I’ll see many of you at FYBO ride this Saturday starting at Billy’s place. I’ll be on my 2007 BMW F800ST, but have photos of my newly running Sportsman Flyer derived “1913 Indian single, in France 1918 with Marines, heavily field-modified/repaired”.

Rode it for about five hours at a big WW1 reenactment in PA a couple weekends ago, and finishing off this winter. Lightly souped-up GX200 clone engine (6.5 hp stock > ~13hp) is good for 55....frame and brakes, more like 35 mph is where I’ll keep it. Plenty of torque for my “WW1” rough gravel roads and light off-road usage.

Mike Bosworth