From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:Mark Your Calendars (and rev your engines) Date:Thu Nov 9 00:09:54 2017
SATURDAY NOV 25, 2017 - 10 am - FYBO Ride

At Bill Potter's Hot Rod Factory and Motorcycle Mausoleum. Bill's got a number of new Exhibits to show us. Ride and Restaurant TBD as we get closer to the date and see what the weatherman predicts.

"SYCTB" went into the secondary fermenter tonight. Preliminary taste tests show a nice malty (but not too) Dry Stout, with understated coffee notes. The light to medium body should please most beer lovers. Weighs in at 4.9% alcohol today, will probably ramp to 5.1% in the next two weeks.


At The Greene Turtle in Leesburg. We will have a private room there. The banquet menu was too limited. Sue and Don arranged for us to order off the regular menu - so everyone can get exactly what they want.

First beverage tickets (redeemable for exactly what you want) will be issued as you walk in the door.

Yuletide Youthfulness is encouraged! Silly hats, long white beards, reindeer antlers, red and green attire are all welcome. Make this a Christmas to remember!

603 Potomac Station Drive NE
Leesburg, VA 20176