From:Tom (Rollo) Hardy
Subject:RE: RE: Sunday, Sept 10 - Three Flags Ride Date:Sat Sep 9 07:53:03 2017
Response to:1300
Okay all since I haven't heard much from anybody a couple of us have decided to change things up and meet in Clifton at Bikes and Breakfast. I say starting around 9 and leaving around 11 when things wind down there. We can either do the ride Dave laid out or something else but still ending up at the Old Brogue in Great Falls. Trying to support John and B&B since we always seem to have conflict with these. Shot me now or shot me later but that is the plan!

John is doing one of the Bikes and Breakfast this Sunday from 8-11 in Clifton. Is anyone interested in meeting up there instead of the bagel place in Oakton. We can still do the ride Dave has mapped out it is just our starting place would be Clifton rather that Oakton and still end up in Great Falls at the Old Brogue. Just putting it out there for consideration!

Our next ride is this coming Sunday, September 10. Meet at 10 am at the Oakton Chesapeake (Bagel) Cafe, 2952 Chain Bridge Road, Oakton. It's on 123 about a mile northeast of I-66.

The destination is the Old Brogue in Great Falls.

Google map:

Nascent web page:

Your intrepid photographer will be in Norf Carlina attending a wedding, so we're hoping that someone will step up to the plate by bringing a camera and taking some photos.

Note: the U-turn is at the stop sign just after crossing the Cabin John (or Union Arch) Bridge.

BTW, our ride in Sept 2014, started at Chesapeake Bakery and ended at the Old Brogue. Like Yogi Berra said, "It's déjà vu all over again".