From:Tom (Rollo) Hardy
Subject:TROG 2018 June 8-10 Date:Fri Aug 18 16:05:50 2017
For all that might be interested the dates or TROG 2018 have been announced. June 8-10 2018 TROG is The Race of Gentlemen in Wildwood NJ.
Don will be racing ole #42 again and his supporting cast of Crew Chief Sue, Bob, Juan, Craig, Billy and I will be there too drinking to his success! We are all at the Blue Palms, which is about as close to the action as you can be without being a bum on the beach. Really close to every thing going on. Breakfast place a block away, restaurant next door or more a block away, liquor store a block away and the Friday night chopper show Night of the Trogladytes , you guessed it a block away. Rooms go quick so if you are interested might want to get on it soon. Google the Blue Palms Resort in Wildwood and talk to Jackie or Gordon. Wildwood is a throw back to the Jersey Shore of the 50's and 60's. Harley- Davison, AMCA and my favorite, Sailor Jerry's Rum are sponsors! Google TROG to see what it is all about!