From:Bob Nicholas
Subject:Rivah Ride - Ready for Your Arrival Date:Thu Aug 10 14:03:12 2017

Everything is ready for your visit to the Northern Neck. Dana and I are looking forward to seeing everybody.

I've arranged for additional parking spaces adjacent to my neighbor's barn. As long as we do not block in her vehicles, she is happy to give us the space. I'm sure we could park 5 motorcycle trailers or trucks at her place.

I have paved parking spaces at the barn and at the house. There are gravel spaces, as well.

Driving on the grassy areas is a really bad idea, especially if it rains. Unfortunately,our yard gets extremely soft and muddy. I'll show you the driest spaces when you arrive.

It looks like we might get a storm on Saturday morning. Our morning ride may be shortened or postponed until later in the day. We'll see how it goes.

Jelly Fish Report: I haven't seen any sea nettles for about a week. This about the time they leave each year. You should be fine swimming off the dock or from the boat.

Fishing Report: I caught five small striped bass, four perch and one croaker last night from the dock. There were three crabs in the trap, although they weren't too big.

See everybody tomorrow. Call me if you need any help finding the house.