From:Bob Nicholas
Subject:Bikes at Bob's - August 11-13 Date:Mon Jul 17 09:53:29 2017

The gathering at our place is less than a month away. Dana and I are really looking forward to having the guys and gals down to the Northern Neck.

You are welcome to come down on Friday and stay through Sunday.

We'll plan a ride for Saturday with a lunch stop along the way. Impromptu rides can happen anytime you want.

This is what's available for sleeping accommodations:

At Our Barn: (Note: the entire barn is air conditioned. It has two full baths, one in the upstairs apartment and one in my shop. There is a kitchenette in the apartment with refrigerator, cooktop and coffee maker. There are TVs in the shop's Break Room and the apartment's Family Room.

1) Family Room with Queen Size Fold Out Sofa Bed.
2) Bed Room with Two Single Beds.
3) There is floor space in barn if someone wants to bring a cot, air mattress and sleeping bag.

At the House:

1) Guest Room with Queen Size Bed.
2) Guest Room Queen Size Fold Out Sofa Bed.
3) Two regular sofas in the family room.
4) One sofa on the screened in porch.

On the Grounds-For anybody that likes camping:

1) Flat ground for tents.
2) A place for RV adjacent to the barn.
3) Two bunks in the 19' sailboat. (No bathroom or A/C, but the house is only 100' away.) The sailboat is on a boat lift.

Hotels and Motels:

Northumberland Motel "The Nest"
436 Northumberland Highway,
Callao, VA 22435
(804) 825-6370

The Northumberland Nest Motel in in Callao. The motel is very basic courtyard style motel, probably built in 1950s. It is about 15 minutes away from our house. Dana and I have never stayed there, but we have met the owners. They seem very nice. The rooms looked clean, but its nothing fancy. Don and Sue are staying at The Nest.

2) Quality Inn Warsaw, VA.
4522 Richmond Road
Warsaw, VA 22572
(804) 333-1700

Dana and I stayed at the Quality Inn a few times while the barn and house were being built. It is 17 miles from the house. That puts it about 20-25 minutes from the house. There is a Hardy's and a Food Lion across the highway. Its a decent hotel. Just your typical Quality Inn.


One of my neighbors offered up their garage apartment as a possibility. I think it is a one-bedroom apartment. I'll check it out this week.

Swimming and Watersports:

Unfortunately, the sea nettles (jellyfish) have shown up, so swimming from the boat or dock might not be a good idea. Dana and I joined the pool at White Point Marina this year. The pool is about 5 miles from the house by road or 2 miles by water.

We keep a small powerboat, sailboat and two kayaks at the dock. Our neighbors have additional kayaks, if needed. We can get small groups out on water anytime. Our place is about 2 miles (by water)to the Potomac and 9 Miles to the Chesapeake Bay. The water is brackish. You can fish and crab from the dock.

I've heard that one or more of you may have boats. You are welcome to tie them up at the dock. The water is 6-8 deep depending on the tide. There is a public boat ramp about 15 minutes from the house.

Restaurants and Food Supplies:

We have a few Mom-and-Pop restaurants in the area. The Backdraft Bar and Restaurant is about 5 miles from the house. The town of Callao has a really neat food truck, a breakfast/coffee shop, Nino's Pizza joint, Dairy Freeze, grocery store and several gas stations that serve hot meals. (The Grocery Store and Gas Station Fried Chicken down here is great). Non-ethanol gas is available at Jack's gas station, about 5 miles from the house. We'll plan a hamburger cookout at the house for one of the nights.

Please let me know if you are planning to come down to Callao for the Highland's Gathering. Wives and/or girlfriends are welcome. I'd like to get a head-count, so we can start coordinating the sleeping arrangements, panning food...etc.

I'll send you a personal e-mail with our address and driving directions when you confirm your trip down to Callao.

We are very happy that the Highlands Guys and Gals are coming for a visit to the Northern Neck. It's very rural and peaceful down here. Dana and I love it. We hope you will too.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regards,

Bob Nicholas