From:Tom (Rollo) Hardy
Subject:RE: Whitt's Open House - Sat June 17 Date:Sat Jun 17 19:07:46 2017
Response to:1255

I took the 47 knuckle out and went over to this. Pretty dead event so I went into the shop to talk to a old buddy who is a mechanic there and he gave me some not so good news.
Apparently Tom Davison, the owner, is only expected to live another couple of weeks. I have been dealing with him since the 60's when he was at Washington HD when it was in DC. He has a number of issues but the one that seems like it is going to take him out is liver cancer. He takes so many medications now that some think they may be working against each other. Can't function coherently but still goes in everyday and sits in his chair! I hope he can get past this but it isn't looking good. On top of that his girl friend had he will changed to leave the shop to her and void out his secession plan to leave it to some long time employees cutting them out of the deal. Word is it will be sold to the folks at Lindsey Automotive Group. Another damn dealership going to car folks who no nothing about our passion. My parents were good friends with Terry Lindsey and I am hoping I can get some word to him to keep motorcycle folks in control and not just turn it over to the car sales guys. They have ruined too many HD dealerships already! See Patriot and Sheehy!

Whitt's H-D in Manassas is having their Spring Open House, this Saturday, June 17 from 9am to 5pm

FREE FOOD from Hard Times Cafe from noon to 2pm

I'll be in Maryland photographing more of the statuary at the National Park Seminary that day, but go scarf up some of the free food for me. My favorite from Hard Times is the Texas 5-way Chili Mac. Yum!