Subject:RE: RE: TROG followup Date:Thu Jun 15 16:04:21 2017
Response to:1263

Looks like Ryan designed an external spacer/seal, rather than splitting the
cases again. He is an innovative machinist. The fellow is really talented.

Juan was the mechanical mastermind behind the repairs. The kudos go to

Between Rollo's guidance and Juan's expertise we were able to get the '37
race-ready. It was a blast helping both Don Hollis and Josh's Black Bear
Race Team.

Congrats to our Brother, Don, for making another strong appearance at
TROG. Aleady looking forward to next year. Don's The Man.

Pit Crew Bob


Apparently I can send only one at a time. This is second
picture. Yes one at a time in this forum! did
they leave the spacer out or machine it for a seal? That
team was really lucky to run into Juan ,George, Bob and
Rollo for jumping right and helping them in their moment of
need. This stuff is what The AMCA is all about- help ,
teach and share knowledge . kudos to the four of you. Craig