From:Tom (Rollo) Hardy
Subject:AMCA info update request BEWARE!!!! Date:Wed May 31 16:05:59 2017

I got a yellow card in the mail yesterday asking me to call a number and verify and update my information for them. Beware as this is a marketing deal more than interest in getting current info. It has raised a big stink on the AMCA forum and most are PO'd and not responding favorably.

I have brought up the need for a new roster of members for the last 3 years at meetings in Denton, Oley and Wauseon. I was told at Oley they were working on it. What they are compiling is a "yearbook type of roster and a very expensive one at that! I always bought two copies of the previous rosters and found the very helpful but this is way beyond those and way too expensive. I recommend you go to the AMCA forum site and read the responses to this thread to see what other club members think of this whole idea. Overwhelmingly negative!