From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: April 23 - Ladies Day Brunch Date:Sun Apr 16 19:55:35 2017
Response to:1226
HENrietta, my 87-year-old girlfriend, and I rode part of the route today. Good news, and Bad news.

The Good News is that Lime Kiln Road (Route 733) from Snickersville Pike to US 15 is completely paved. Wuss - no gravel dust to mess up your most recent polishing job!

It's a pretty nice road too - parallels a small river. And there are swimming holes - I saw a bunch of people wading and swimming today.

The Bad News is that the Swimming Shortcut is impassible at this time of year. There was a dad and two kids wading in the creek. The water on the shallow side was about half-way up the 10-year-olds' shins, which I'm guessing is about 6-8" deep.

I asked HENrietta, but she wanted me to promise that I would carry her out of Beaverdam Creek if she got stuck.

We both agreed to come back in July or August when the creek is running lower. She didn't want my 55-year-old girlfriend (Sportster-etta) to have all the fun...

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