From:Tom (Rollo) Hardy
Subject:RE: 2017 up coming events Date:Wed Jan 25 11:13:16 2017
Response to:1204

If you are thinking about or planning on doing the Road Run in Chattanooga Sept 20-23, I advise you to pre-register on the AMCA web site. Hotel and ride info as well as other info is coming out but only if you pre-register. There are only 50 rooms reserved at the host hotel and will go quickly. See you Sunday for the planning meeting!


This is an update on a couple of events coming up in 2017.

First is a motorcycle snow hillclimb in Monticello NY on Jan. 27-29. Just google Appalachian Moto Jam and the flyer should come up. It is near Woodstock so you can relive the 69 festival in your mind as well. There will be light and heavy weight antique and modern classes, antique and hand shift, hot rod, hot dog hooligan, chopper and some others. Display and swap meet and nightly parties at the lodge. $15 per day or $25 for Sat. and Sunday. Any body interested???
About 5 1/2 hr. drive. Should be fun event.

Next is the Smokey Mtn. Chapter Road Run in Sept. It is Sept. 20-23 in Chattanooga Tenn. and you can pre- register for it on the AMCA web site. Click on events and scroll down to this event to sign up. It is $125 per rider and an extra fee if you have a passenger. I signed up today. The hotel accommodations have not been announced yet so you still will have to wait on them. Several of us are planning on going already and since this will be the only Road Run east of the Mississippi this year I would expect a strong turn out. If you have never been on one they are a lot of fun and you meet great people and see some great rides. Beware thought to have your bike well prepared as it is no fun to be hauled back on the chase truck!

And don't forget TROG in June! Don is ready to make sand fly and some of us will be there to pick up the pieces!

More stuff when we have a planning meeting.