From:Steve geissler
Subject:RE: Christmas Dinner Date:Thu Dec 15 07:04:33 2016
Response to:1171

Christmas Dinner will be on Saturday, December 17, 7pm, at Giuseppe's
Ristorante Italiano, 15120 Washington Street, Haymarket, Virginia

Mike, Lyn, Dave and Jennifer ate dinner there on Thursday, and
pronounced everything delicious.

Appetizers - provided by the Chapter Treasury - during cocktail hour, will

* Antipasto Misto - Prosciutto, salami, provolone cheese, olives and
Giuseppe's special touch.

* Funghi Ripeni - Mushrooms stuffed with our crab meat mixture and
parmesan cheese then baked.

Dinner choices are:

* Petto di Pollo alla Marsala - Chicken breast cooked with marsala wine
and mushrooms, served with fettuccine.

* Lasagna alla Bolognese – Layered pasta, ricotta filled, ground beef,
tomato sauce and Giuseppe's blend of herbs and spices.

* Vitello Salti in Bocca - Tender veal medallions served with eggplant,
prosciutto ham and topped with mozzarella cheese, served with fettuccine.

* Shrimp Scampi - Fresh shrimp sautéed in our secret recipe of garlic and
spices, served on angel hair pasta.

Dessert choices:
* Double Chocolate Mousse Cake
* Cannolis

House salad and coffee, tea or soda included.

All this delicious food is yours for only $27.50, plus tax and tip. And wait -
there's more - the Chapter will be handing out tickets for one free beverage.