From:Tom (Rollo) Hardy
Subject:RE: FYBO Ride Date:Wed Nov 23 11:55:08 2016
Response to:1170
Any one wanting to ride over in a group with me can meet at Patriot HD at 9:15-9:30. We will go the usual back road route down Idlywood to Kirby to 123 to GW Pkwy and across Am Legion Bridge to Clara baron to BP's house. If not see you there.


The annual Freeze Your Butt Off ride will be on Saturday November 26 at Bill Potter's Hot Rod Factory and Motorcycle Mausoleum across the river in Maryland.

Plan to get your chilly butt to Bill's at 10:00 am. The weather forecast is sunny and mid-50's.

Our ride will be from Bill's to Swain's Lock, a little west of Potomac, MD. From the lock, we'll double back to Potomac, and stop at Hunter's Inn for lunch (as we did for FYBO 2014).

Eat lots of turkey this Thursday so you're ready for the FYBO on Saturday.