Subject:Weekend Ride Date:Tue Nov 3 13:22:40 2009

This past weekend’s” Meeting Ride” was canceled due to the inclement weather. Instead “Fast George” and I rode up to Toms house to set up his new/old Sunen Hone machine and hand fit the rod bearings for Georges 1947 74” OHV, Rob and Cliff arrived a short time later to assist, count bearings and learn how to run another one of Toms machines; a 13 X 40 Southbend lathe. Our run has been rescheduled for this weekend. We will be meeting in Middleburg in the Safeway parking lot. The plan is to leave Safeway at 1000, that’s 10:00 AM for you non swabs. Weather permitting we will ride for about 2 ½ hours then break for a lunch and hold a quick meeting to go over upcoming “Highlands Chapter” events. The weather looks as if it will be accommodating. Call me if you need additional information.