From:Tom (Rollo) Hardy
Subject:RE: cannonball run 2016 Date:Tue Sep 13 10:04:26 2016
Response to:1152
Good for you guys!! I was getting real time updates from Don. The drop out rate seems kind of high but looks like a lot of folks didn't do the proper preparation prior to starting this ride. By day two 60 of the 91 bikes were on the trailer. May join the race later but won't get the points. I thought about do it when it was 1936 and earlier on one of my VL's but glad I didn't as I would probably have been one of the ones who didn't do the prep work enough. I am following every day on the AMC website. Already been a bike burn up and a severe crash so tough going early on. See ya all on Sunday!

Drove out to York Pa to welcome in the Cannonballers for 2016 on the first leg of a 3300 mile trek across the country. Wow what a sight close to a hundred pre 1916 motorcycles riding in. We may not ever get to see something as cool as that again. Don and Sue ,Joe, Juan and myself were in attendance . A good time was had by all!