From:Tom (Rollo) Hardy
Subject:shows and rides Date:Wed Aug 24 11:20:45 2016

As I'm sure you are aware from Mike's flyers the Moose Lodge show is coming up Sunday Sept.4 at the Vienna Moose Lodge. I think a lot of you are going to attend from what was said at the meeting. I have the bike specific placards and holders and Mike will have them for the show. If your bike isn't on the list of bikes that Dave made placards for then get with him so he can get the info to make one up. The list can be found on the Stuff page.

There is also the Clifton Car show the next day Sept. 5 of which some of you are familiar and have attended in the past. This year though they have moved it to the City of Fairfax. Not sure why but same folks are putting it on. It will be on University Dr. between Sager and Armstrong St. and include the Sun Trust Bank parking lot. This is a pretty big show and when in Clifton was a well attended show with lots of vehicles on display.

There is also the Kena Temple show on Sept. 28 at the Kena Temple on Rt.50 just east of Patriot HD. While smaller than the Clifton show it is interesting.

Mike will have more info. soon on the Great Falls car show event as he gets it.

We also have a ride Sept. 18 at 10 going to Griffin's Tavern in Flint Hill. We meet at the Safeway in Middleburg at 10 and then meander to Flint Hill. We haven't done a lot of riding this year due to various guys getting rebuilds on their bodies and their bikes but everyone should be healthy now so get you bikes ready! The weather has been hot and humid but by then it should be getting into cooler weather and beginning of the leaves turning so riding should be spectacular.

One last event for now that is in Oct. is the Graves Mountain Lodge Apple Harvest festival which is the first 3 weekends in Oct.. This has been a chapter ride in the past and might be a good time to revive it as such. A beautiful ride in the near by mountains and a festival as a stop with crafts for the ladies and food and bluegrass next to a mountain stream!

Lets get some riding in before cold weather!