From:Tom (Rollo) Hardy
Subject:RE: RE: Elkin Road Run rooms Date:Mon Jun 13 12:08:43 2016
Response to:1116
All who are going to the Road Run in Elkins,

In looking at the advanced weather forecast it looks like Friday may be a wash out with 90% chance of rain. I am still going up on Thurs. but will see what the weather actually does on Fri. We may need to come up with a alternate plan for a rain out Friday. Any ideas?

Saturday and Sunday on the other hand look spectacular with 0% chance of rain. Maybe the best plan is one of the longer rides on Saturday and see if we can do a shorter ride on Sunday and still get back home at a reasonable hour. Since it is a small group deciding should be easier. Thoughts?

Sorry this isn't turning out as at least I had envisioned but those that do attend will have some good stories to tell!
See ya there!


I made my reservations for Elkins this morning.

If you are planning to go on this FUN outing with us*, you MUST make your reservations THIS WEEKEND - before Rollo releases the reserved rooms on Monday.

For the open market, they are booked up totally on Saturday night. But if you mention the ANTIQUE MOTORCYCLE CLUB, Rollo's reservations will get you a bed.

Details here:

We look forward to riding around Wild, Wonderful with you!

*us = Bob, Don, Tom, Mike, Tony, Dave, and George in the motor home

I am going to call them Monday to release the hold on any un- booked rooms at the Isaac Jackson Hotel in Elkins. That is the 30 day cut off period so we don't get charged for the rooms.