From:Tom (Rollo) Hardy
Subject:TROG Date:Thu Jun 9 11:11:56 2016

I am recommending that anyone who loves motorcycles and racing or old cars and racing make plans to attend next years Race of Gentleman (TROG)in Wildwood NJ. I have been want to go for several years and managed to talk some folks into going and a couple of our guys actually raced!!!
Bill Potter, Juan ,Bob and myself went up and Don Hollis and Sue as well as Ramsey Allen were the racers! Congrats to Don of his first time out on his WLC racing. He did a good job and with Sue as his crew chief he gained valuable experience with some help for Juan on tuning and technique. Wildwood was crazy with old jalopies and bikes everywhere and I can't think of a place where I have had more fun in a long time. It was like we used to do in the 70's. Check out the web site by googling it make plans for next year. I hope those that took photos and video will post here so folks can see what a great time was had. Again congrats to Don and Ramsey. Ramsey was unbeatable but Don's learning and needs an bigger motor to beat him!