From:George Ogden
Subject:Sunday Ride Date:Sun Apr 17 14:41:14 2016
Had a great ride, thanks to Tim etal. The purple one went dead at the RR tracks in Marshall. Battery. Tim and Rollo took it to Tim's house for a charge but returned to say it was a goner. Had a nice walk from the cement factory to the Red Bakery and back to the factory via Tractor Supply to get a 6v battery and leads. I bought two batteries -- a small one and a medium size one. Tried the small one first and it worked great. No problem getting home with Nancy following. Thanks, guys, for the suggestions.

Also, Saturday I was on a ride with the Wingers and we crossed the Shenandoah on the Morgan Ford bridge. A sign there stated that the bridge would closed on 18 April until further notice. Some construction work.