Subject:RE: Annual Road Run Date:Wed Apr 6 21:27:05 2016
Response to:1101
Rollo, WAAAA! Is it a yeast infection or do you just have
sand in your vagina? take a few deep breaths and self
medicate, there is still time for people to make up their
minds about the ride. It is still a couple months off.
Whinning won't help====== Craig

So far we have Bob Nicholas, Don Hollis, Mike Mueller and
myself and that is it! We moved this based on input at the
meeting and a vote but no one seems to be interested in
going. I know some have said they can't get the time off
but we are only talking about possibly one day and that
being Friday. I'm sure you all can get or take a sick day
without much issue. Some wanted it moved to earlier due to
kids and school and other reasons such as better weather.
We did what you all wanted and now no one signs up??? If
this really wasn't a better time for folks then why did we
do it. This whole move and effort was to get more people
to sign up and participate but it seems it was pointless.
We have tried to keep the distance and costs in line with
years past and have nice venue and rides and locales. If
this is all we can expect for our signature event then it
is time to re-think whether we even do this or just leave
it to those who want to do it to work it out for them
selves and it not be a club event. It would make planning
and execution a whole lot simpler for those members. Sorry
for the rant but this used to be a big deal and now no one
seems interested in doing it.