From:Michael Bosworth
Subject:Seeking rough affordabl nineteen-teens US lightweight frame Date:Sat Mar 12 06:18:58 2016
I'd like to build my (budget...) World War One military despatch rider motorcycle tribute on an antique frame, so that I can, in future years, replace the 'tribute' parts with actual antique or reproduction parts and evolve into an antique. While I'm limited to lightweight and single cylinder, vice middleweight and v-twin, for budget reasons, and Indian, Harley and Cleveland were the best documented and numerous US government motorcycle purchases for WW1, I could appropriately use virtually any 19-teen lightweight motorcycle frame, Pope, Thor, Jefferson, Reading-Standard etc etc. I'm fine with substantial repair there or needed, I'm a bit bottom-feeding here, due budget constraints, but I need to find and acquire in the next month or so. I'll be at Oley on Friday for a last look, if I don't find via internet or personal reference, but after that my schedule (for WW1 Centennial of US entry) forces me to a tribute frame (workable but less desireable...). Let me know if you have such a frame, or if you have suggestions of who/how I could seek one out. Thanks!
Mike Bosworth
Vienna Virginia
cell 703-864-4174