From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:Ride Sunday - HERE'S THE PLAN Date:Sun Feb 28 00:01:08 2016
Response to:1088
Sunday (tomorrow) 1 pm

Meet at BBQ Chicken and Beer - Centreville
Centrewood Plaza - next to Giant Food
14109 St Germain Dr, Centreville, VA 20121

Never been there before, suspect it's Korean, but any restaurant that has "Beer" in its name is OK by me. Due to unseasonably warm temperatures, we may need a "Beer" to cool down.

See ya there!

The long range forecast is for 60 and sunny this coming Sunday. I was going to go to breakfast at my usual spot and then maybe if the weather holds do a putt around after that. Anyone interested??? Breakfast between 9 and 10 so it should be warmer by the time for a ride. Rode around last Saturday and felt good to get out. Bueller, Bueller????