From:Michael Bosworth
Subject:Spring/Cabin Fever > Boz 2/28 ride & vintage engine hunt Date:Sat Feb 27 10:41:53 2016
G'day new chapter-mateys,

I'll be riding my modern motorcycle (2007 BMW F800ST) for about an hour between 1300-1500 on Sunday in the local Vienna-Falls Church- Oakton -Restion area, just to blow the winter dust out. Anyone wants to link up, shoot me an email at

Also, my WW1 reenactor motorcycle project is starting to get more defined.

Step one (this year) will be a bike-based probably c1915 Harley single cylinder lightweight tribute build. Nothing exact (for cost reasons), but resembling one of the three main US military motorcycle brands (Indian with 50k, Harley Davidson with 20k and Cleveland with 1,800 sold to government), but highly field modified with a non-OEM, probably British teens to fifties engine/transmission that 'pretty much looks the part' certainly much more than a 'china-and-plate', or even a 'stripped modern Honda 160cc clone' which doesn't look bad. Why not a true antique motorcycle, restored, for step 1? Schedule and cost. The downsides….not a real antique, not appreciating value, historical provenance lacks. But reenactors are somewhat between film industry (gray-painted Triumphs as BMWs in movie "Great Escape"), and museums/collectors (proper provenance for all). It'll work for reenacting. Another compromise... due not being a real antique motorcycle, not grandfathered for modern road licensing, so it'll look more like a moped, and have about that level of performance for modern roads (no I-495 or I-66 for this tribute….).

I think I've found the transmission ($200) and I'm looking for a suitable engine (looking at Villiers 150/269/300cc…other suggestions? My budget for engine is <$500, running.) My budget for whole motorcycle is about $2500, and can do if I find the right engine. Let me know offline if you've got a suggestion (or donation ;-) ). I'll be looking at Oley in April if not found prior.

(Step two….longer term…is a more usual entry-level collector approach….I'll be looking for a teens Harley single, Indian single or Cleveland that I can work up and replace the tribute with, license and ride as a (slow…) motorcycle. It'll eventually replace the tribute and the tribute will go to a subsequent WW1 motorcycle reenactor.) My (eventual, can't do it now..) budget for this will be in the $10k-$15k realm all told (not just the initial buy…). Am I in the ballpark? My WW1 military motorcycle dream is a c1917 Indian PowerPlus or c1917 Harley J Model, but I see those as circa $25k all told, and I don't believe I'll ever get to that level (so many hobbies, so little time….).


Mike Bosworth
Vienna VA
newest Virginia Highlands AMCA member