Subject:Natural Bridge Run Date:Wed Sep 30 15:36:01 2009


Now that this past weekend’s yearly “Highlands Of Virginia” Natural Bridge Run is over I want to thank all that helped in making this one an event to remember. Despite the fact that we had a few clouds and a shower or two I truly enjoyed myself and have heard from many of the events participants that they felt the same. As with each year, I find as I look around it is a time for some of us to catch up on each other’s bikes and improvements, news and gossip from not only fellow Highlands Chapter members but also from other AMCA National Club members and friends from near and far.

It was great to see Raymond and Chan from the North Carolina contingent, Barry, Peggy and Tom Zowlinski. It was also nice catching up with Dave and Kim from Boston, (we missed Del, TC, Mike and Sharon Hickey) hopefully we will see them in White Rose. It’s always nice to see Tom and Monica, Richard and Debbie, Bob and Dana, Skipper and Debbie, Rollo, Fast George, Cliff, King, Tim and Sue from Warrenton and, of course, our run hosts, Peter and Beulah Nick.

Saturdays ride proved to be quite scenic and very interesting especially Looney’s museum. Mr. Looney had quite an array of odd and interesting tools, tractors and just neat things of interest, great choice for a tour, Peter. As with many of our club rides we did not have any breakdowns and had no need for the use of the “Chase Truck”. Thanks for the use of your truck, Rollo, we owe you.

Thanks to all that helped prepare each evenings meals and of course the clean up after everyone was full, it was quite tasty if I do say so myself. A special “Thanks” to Tom for once again providing shelter (tent) from the elements. Each year the tent has proved to be our “Diamond in the Ruff”.

Again I thank everyone who participated in our event and hope each of you had as much fun as I did. I look forward to seeing everyone in White Rose this weekend, “Fast George”, Frank , King and I will head up tomorrow to check out all the good deals.

Ride Safe