From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:FYBO Ride - Lunch at TRAV's Date:Fri Nov 13 14:00:30 2015
Response to:1041
The Freeze Your Butt Off will be held Saturday, November 28. Arrive at Bill Potter's around 10 am, and check out the new arrivals in the Motorcycle Museum and Hot Rod Factory.

We will head out on our motorcycles a little after 12:00 noon, and head down MacArthur Boulevard (Conduit Road to you old timers), to the Palisades area of the District of Columbia, where we will check out the spectacular views of the Potomac River, and beyond to the Old Dominion.

We'll travel back on MacArthur (unless the weather is unseasonably warm, and we brave the twists and turns of Chain Bridge Road, NW) to what is now called the "Irish Inn at Glen Echo" for hot food and a cold Guinness. Our lunch reservations are for 1pm.

Dave and Bill will regale you with stories from the 1970s about riding our motorcycles to TRAV's and partying - usually out of control.

Bill may tell you how he earned a restful NIGHT UPSTAIRS at TRAVs.

Dave may bring some souvenirs of his involvement with INTERNATIONAL POLICE FORCES at TRAV's.

Or he may regale you with the story of how TRAV's started him on a 10-year search for the CANAL STREET BUMS.

An interesting time is guaranteed! Get ready to freeze! See ya on Saturday Nov 28th.