From:Tom (Rollo) Hardy
Subject:Blast from the Past Date:Mon Oct 19 15:14:00 2015

As many of you know Patriot was sold the folks at Sheehy and have new management. And as many of you also know this years show was not as successful as it has been in the past.

Lyndon and the "old management" are now at Rommel's HD in Annapolis MD. Lyndon sent me a text the other day and wants to know if we are interested in doing the BFTP at their place on June 25th 2016. I told him I would throw it out there to see what folks think. I know it is a long way for a lot of folks and he is aware that there might not be as big a number participating from our group. Mark has spoken with the Chesapeake guys and he thinks some of them will do it.

I plan on trying to do it myself and have floated other venues such as Whitt's and Winchester but have not had much reaction from either. I doubt the Sheehy folks are going to want to do it any more as they didn't put much effort into it this year hence the poor turn out.

So the question is up for consideration as to what to do about this show for the future. We normally have a scheduling meeting in January to lay out the calendar for the year. Give it some thought between now and then and be prepared to decide what to do.