From:Tom (Rollo) Hardy
Subject:RE: Two Mile Ride CANCELLED Date:Tue Oct 6 07:19:34 2015
Response to:1035
Actually I'm kind of glad it's cancelled as I too am not feeling well. Not sure if I just have a bad/raging cold or the Big Pnue too! Thanks Dave! Slogging around in the rain and mud at Jefferson sure didn't help.

Maybe we can all get well and do a Halloweeny ride!

I'm sorry to have to cancel the Two Mile Ride and party scheduled for this Saturday. I'm recovering nicely from "tire sickness", but I don't think I'm quite ready for riding and partying yet.

Right before our Road Run in Gettysburg, I put a new PNEU (French word for "tire") on the back of my Sportster. I started feeling sick almost immediately. I rode the Sporty around Gettysburg on Thursday afternoon, but headed off to bed right after dinner. On Friday, the sickness really set in on our ride back from York to Gettysburg - even though I was riding the Henderson, whose pneus are several years old.

Well, the doctor said I had PNEU-monia. I don't quite understand it, but when this tire wears out, I'm just gonna sell the bike.