From:Tom (Rollo) Hardy
Subject:RE: G'burg Road Run Date:Mon Sep 14 13:26:35 2015
Response to:1024

Best check with Dave on the time but I think the talk was to leave the hotel around 9 with a stop at Café's bike shop along the way. He has a ton of cool stuff and drives his 1916 truck out for breakfast every Sunday except he is in jail right now! On parole and hit his girlfriend!!! He really isn't a bad guy but she apparently is a druggie so you can fill in the script!

Figure no more than an hour at Cafe's and it is about a 1 hour ride over to the HD factory. Again best get a ETA from Dave.

We do need to get moving though as the restaurant in York is quite popular and it will be crowded with all the York bike and HD factory stuff going on. They are expecting big crowds.

By the way in case anyone is interested Kevin Bigelow called me the other day to remind me that the vintage flat track races are in York at the fairground on Sat. in case you guys want to check it out.



Me and Elyse booked a room about a month ago but only for Friday and Saturday night. We'll meet up with you guys Friday morning at the H-D factory - just let me know what time.