From:Tom (Rollo) Hardy
Subject:RE: Gettysburg road run Date:Mon Sep 14 13:16:37 2015
Response to:1023

Not sure of the head count but we seems to be picking up a few members here and there. I will be taking my 64 pan for this. That is my main road run bike as it has 5 gal tanks, windshield and saddlebags. As a veteran of many of our local and a few National RR's those items are nice to have when the weather or conditions dictate the need to carry rain gear or extra cloths or tools etc. From what I have heard so far most will be on antiques. I think at least Wuss plans on riding up. I'm not sure yet but probably truck my 64 up as I have to return on Sat. for my nieces wedding and no time for road side breakdowns although bike should make it just fine.

anybody have a list or head count on people that are attending? I did make reservations recently and rooms are still available for you last minute riders. On another note are the majority riding their antiques or their late models due to logistics- or does it really matter? Chime in if definitely attending, thanks see you there Craig