From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: Brake shoes Date:Sat Aug 29 09:20:11 2015
Response to:1017

The Harley part# is 41841-31 I Googled, and Waugh HD in Orange has them in stock. Is there a Harley dealer near "inpa" where you are? They may have them.

You could take them to an industrial brake shop. Friction Materials, 510 Orems Rd, Essex, MD 21221, Phone:(410) 780-3720 is one.

BTW - try the forums on for early Sportster questions.


Hi guys, I'm inpa. Working on the 66 sporty with a 16" rear wheel , I need to replace one inch wide rivet on rake linings, they have seven rivets each . Does anyone know where to find them. Thanks,Steve