From:Tom (Rollo) Hardy
Subject:Blast from The Past Date:Mon Aug 10 16:32:05 2015
To all that made the effort to show up and display bikes for the 6th (and probably last at least at Patriot) BFTP show. I want to thank you for your participation. And a special shout out to George and Nancy Ogden for the great time at their pool party and BBQ afterwards.

As some of you now know Patriot was sold back in March to the folks at Sheehy who own several car dealerships in the area. Their new management is not nearly as easy or responsive as Lyndon and his management team were. This used to draw pretty good sales for them and a good recruitment tool for us as that is how some of you have come to join us!

I think it is pretty clear the new team has no real interest in doing this show in the future. With that said, we will need to decide whether we want to continue this sort of event in the future. With the lack luster (no advertising at all) out of the Sheehy folks and the same at Open Roads we need to find new places if we want to continue. Lyndon is the GM at Romell's HD in Annapolis and desperately wants to do this at his new place. I told him I didn't know how many guys would be willing to make that trip but said I would throw it out there. We could also approach Whitt's and Winchester to see what they say or even Ft Washington. All have their down sides which, we can discuss at one of monthly meeting. They also have their up sides as well.

Bottom line is we need to make some decisions this fall on what we want to do if anything for next year and we will need to have some help to do it.

Again a big thanks to those that have participated in the past and the George and Nancy for the after party. Here hoping we can come up with something for the future.