From:Bob Nicholas
Subject:RE: Last Room @ Wauseon Date:Wed Jul 8 13:53:56 2015
Response to:1002

We didn't have any takers for the remaining room we set aside for the Wauseon meet.

I just called to cancel this last room.

4 Rooms are confirmed. One each or Wuss, Rollo, General George and Bob.

You may still be able to get lodging at the Comfort Inn in Defiance, OH if you call them fairly soon.

Most of the hotels we checked six weeks ago were already getting booked up.

I know we have some folks camping out. Others are situated at the various local hotels. We should have 8-10 of our Highland's brothers at the event.

Can't wait for the races on Friday night. Looking forward to seeing everybody at Wauseon.

Best Regards,



I'm getting ready to cancel the one remaining room I've reserved for the Wauseon meet next week. Four of the five rooms I set aside have been spoken for. (Rollo, Wuss, General George and Bob).

If you need a room, please let me know right away. Otherwise, I need to cancel the remaining room.