From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: RE: Parkerizing solution + Gettysburg Date:Wed Jul 8 13:52:41 2015
Response to:1006
Thanks for the tips Bob. I think chrome parts need to be dipped in hydrochloric (muriatic) acid for 15 seconds to get the last of the chrome out.

I'm going to look at a pile of K-model parts tomorrow, and I'll be passing through York. I plan to ride the suggested Friday route for this year's Road Run ( my way. I'll do the northern segment during the day on my way up. I'll do at least the York to White Rose part of the southern segment on my way home. Most of us already know the Route 116 from White Rose through Hanover to Gettysburg part.

Have fun at Wauseon. Hopefully I'll get everything my little heart desires while up in PA.


Another thing I found is that previously chromed items are difficult to parkerize. I had a set of fork springs bead-blasted to remove the chrome. I had hopes of bringing them back to the original Parkerized finish.

Evidently, not all of the chrome was removed in the blasting process. I couldn't see any chrome, but it must have still been there. The Parkerizing solution didn't work at all. The springs came out of the tank exactly as they went in.